Taj-Ma-City-Hall_Original-2.jpgTELL THEM WHAT YOU THINK!

This is the first election that the voters have been able to register their opinions on the performance of the council regarding City Hall

I have written numerous times about what I have dubbed the “Taj-Ma-City-Hall” in my column called THE STRAIGHT SCOTT published in the Newport Independent Newspaper.

Here are the links:

The Taj Ma-City-Hall http://www.newportbeachindy.com/the-taj-ma-city-hall/

Hotel Newport Beach  http://www.newportbeachindy.com/hotel-newport-beach/

City Council Should Abort Development Business http://www.newportbeachindy.com/city-council-should-abort-development-business/


People ask “So what” or as Hillary Clinton would say “What difference does it make?”

Well we are not going to sell it. We are not going to lease it out, we really are stuck with it. So what can we do? Some of the things we can do are:

  • Sell the old city hall site and pay down some of the $126 Million in debt.
  • Trim costs so that we can pay debt down quicker.  
  • Consolidate all the city services that will fit into the new building and get rid of other properties.


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