American Exceptionalism and Property Rights

Property rights are the most important right we have. Now I am not simply talking real estate. Imagine if you were not allowed to keep the "fruits of your labors". That would mean that you would work and the "king", the "collective", the "government", or you fill in the blank got your pay check not you.

We don't think that way in America, because of history of strong human rights.  But our ancestors were told what to do, on land that wasn't theirs, worship who and how they were told. Many came to America because of that. Many still come here today for that reason.

American exceptionalism that you can work hard and move up in life and make a better life for you and your family, to keep what you earn and be judged on what you did rather than who you were or what family you were born in.

I wrote a couple of articles on Property rights for the Newport Independent in my column called THE STRAIGHT SCOTT. 

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